9 May 2015

Why Life Can Be Overwhelming

Sometimes, it's all just too much. Too much happening. Before long, everything becomes so intense that it all becomes overwhelming.

If this is a feeling that resonates with you, then this post is definitely for you. Because it's okay. Some people are simply more sensitive to certain events than others.

It could be something small. For instance, I find that if there's an overpowering floral scent, I just can't stand it for very long. There are certain perfume shops in the local shopping centre that I simply have to avoid!

It may involve a combination of senses. Perhaps it's just too busy; there's simply too much going on. Things get too intense (too noisy, too cramped) or they go on for far too long. You can stand it for a little while, but after that you simply have to get out of there... that's why some people can last all night at a busy party, while others look for the exit at the earliest opportunity.  I'm definitely in the latter category!

The reason is simple. You're more sensitive to certain stimuli. It's the way you're wired - you reach your saturation point far quicker than other people.

Studies have shown that 'highly sensitive people' (often abbreviated to HSPs) show substantially greater blood flow to relevant brain areas than is seen in individuals with low sensitivity during the same period.

So, there's nothing wrong - it's just the way you're made.

Read up on it, see if this applies to you.

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