12 May 2015

Slowing Down

Life seems to be one long succession of deadlines and crises. A whole load of complications and unexpected difficulties all coming together. You know what I mean. Suddenly, it's all kicking off.

And here I am in the midst, trying desperately to stay focused, stay anchored; let's face it, to stay sane...

All is changing by the minute. It can be a full-time job just keeping up. And yet, the most important question for me right now is:

Can I hear God’s voice above all the noise?

I need to be still. To find that little niche of calm, of reflection on what has proved to be another chaotic day. I'm trying to slow down, but find my mind still racing...

I need to wait upon the Lord. To seek Him in silence and solitude, to hear His voice.

Regretfully, there's not much quiet on the 1627 to Dartford, this evening. (sigh)

Help me find that calm, Lord.
Help me find you tonight.
Help me to slow down.

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