25 May 2015

Fill Me

Yesterday was Pentecost: the birthday of the church. The anniversary of the day the Holy Spirit came. And we were reminded during our church meeting yesterday that you and I can often consider ourselves as small and insignificant. Just like an uninflated balloon. Lifeless, insignificant. Not much to look at.

However, if we take that balloon and fill it - just like God did to his people at Pentecost, filling them with His Holy Spirit - they can be transformed. They are fully rounded, beautiful to look at. They are filled with life.

But there's more that just an outward appearance. These balloons are also filled with power. Untie it and let the balloon go, and the power is released. With tremendous force. In fact, we never know exactly where the balloon is going to go, but we know it’s going somewhere.

And this is the part of yesterday's meeting that has particularly stayed with me. If we release a balloon, and it flies away, it can end up anywhere. The point is this: God did not fill those first disciples with the power of the Holy Spirit so that they could just stay behind locked doors. They were empowered by God’s Spirit to move out into the world in order to make a difference. It happened then. And it still happens today. 

When the power of the Holy Spirit is released in our lives, we may not always know where the Spirit is going to lead us. We just need to trust that it's where God's Spirit wants us to go. 

And unlike the balloon, we can be constantly filled and refilled with the Holy Spirit. Filled with power, filled with life.

Fill Me. 

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