14 May 2015

So, What Happens Now?

Life is finally getting back to normal following the recent Parliamentary election campaign. There has been loads of opportunities to read literature from the candidates, chat to them on the doorstep and on the street corner, listen to what they had to say in the hustings, and to prayerfully consider where to put your cross on the ballot paper. It's been interesting.

But what happens now? A week after polling day...

During the last month I've received literature reminding me of my duty to "Show Up" on the day to vote. But I'm increasingly convicted of my need to "show up’ in everyday life too.

Being there, making a difference in the world.

Sure, I'm don't feel that I'm in a position to influence anyone on a grand scale, through the world of politics. However, I know that I can make a difference on a small scale, in fact wherever I am. I can stand up and be counted.

And sometimes, you have to stop and ask a few hard questions.

"As Christians, we need to not just be pulling the drowning bodies out of the river. We need to be going upstream to find out who is pushing them in." - Desmond Tutu

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