5 May 2015

Something Amazing, I Guess

Yesterday morning, my family and I were up and watching "The Incredibles"

However, there was this one scene in the movie that truly resonated with me....

It was the scene where Bob Parr comes home from his dull, suburban day job as an insurance clerk. Bob is capable of so much more, and he knows it, but he has had to keep his secret identity as Mr Incredible secret. But the little kid from down the road was onto him...

One day Bob catches the kid watching... 
"What are you waiting for?" 
The kid replies - 
"Something amazing, I guess." 
Bob sighs, and agrees - 
"Me too, kid."

There's something good, just around the corner.  Don't know exactly what, or exactly when. An opportunity to go out and really do something amazing. There's even a fear that that day may not ever come. Bob knows it. He has something special, but he thinks nobody wants it. He's just waiting for that opportunity to go out and make a difference. 

And on that day, we can all shout, like that little kid down the road. 
"Oh man. That was totally wicked!"

I'm waiting, too. 

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