1 February 2009

A Personal Faith...

I believe an important and significant aspect of my spiritual journey this year is going to be centred on my personal quiet times this year, and not on my outward service for God. This has been mentioned by a couple of close friends. It was finally confirmed to me at DFL this year, when through the weekend I finally began to see things much more clearly. However, I don't find these things easy. In fact, it's the toughest task of the lot. I'm the sort of person who is happiest when I'm doing something, however it's clear to me now that I need to do something a bit different this year. Be more like Mary than Martha (see Luke 10:38-42).

There is a brief period over the next few weeks when things are going to be a little slower at the Corps, as building works are carried out to improve our Hall building. I've already planned to allot the time I would have spent running around in my busy-ness to seek God and his business. The confirmation of that came on the way home this afternoon (after delivering Corps leaflets to some of our members who can't get to our meeting for one reason or other). The chorus of this song hit me square on:

I believe in You, Lord.
I believe You are the Son of God.
I believe You died and rose again.
I believe You paid for us all.
I believe You are here now
Standing in our midst.
Here with the power to heal now
And the grace to forgive.

(extract from 'I Believe In Jesus' by Marc Nelson)

I'm making a list of appointments out now. It's time for things to get a bit more personal. He's here right now!

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