9 January 2009

Picking Yourself Up...

It's very icy underfoot at the moment, and the gritters are out in the evenings. However, you have to be so careful even walking along the streets - one wrong step and you can find yourself on the ground.

Unfortunately it even happened to me this week - thankfully there was no-one around to see my inelegant gymnastics and I seem to have got away with only minor bruising. However, I had somewhere to go and after checking that nothing was broken I got up and carried on down the path, with the words from my previous post, 'Never Mind, Go On', resounding in my mind.

On reflection the words of General Albert Orsborn come to mind. We all have times where we fail, stumble or falter. The important thing is to carry on...

Saviour, if my feet have faltered
On the pathway of the cross,
If my purposes have altered
Or my gold be mixed with dross,
O forbid me not thy service,
Keep me yet in thy employ.
Pass me through a sterner cleansing
If I may but give thee joy!

All my work is for the Master,
He is all my heart’s desire;
O that he may count me faithful
In the day that tries by fire!

SASB 522
Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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