21 January 2009

Design For Life

I'm just thinking about packing, heading as I am for another step forward in faith this coming Friday.

Chris and I are headed to the William Booth College for a 'Design For Life' weekend. What does that entail? Well, here's the blurb from the SA website:

Design for Life (DFL) is a project that seeks to help people discover God's design for their life. It is based on the premise that everyone is called by God to be salt and light in the world, and that world is different for individuals: some people are called to be homemakers, some to be missionaries in the workplace; some people work out their vocation in schools or hospitals, others serve as ministers in a church or as Salvation Army officers; some people's journey takes them to other countries, others work in their home locality.

Am I cut out for 'greater things', excitement, adventure? To be a hero? One step at a time...

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Anonymous said...

Colin, have a good weekend. I hope it will be a time of rich blessing for you and Christine!