5 January 2009

Keeper Of The Flame

I'm blogging tonight in a pleasantly warm front room, beside a beautiful coal fire. Toasty warm! The kids are doing their homework, my wife Christine is sorting out her cross-stitch and I'm on the computer reflecting on the day. We've shut the sub-zero temperatures outside.

Yesterday's meeting at the Army was led by Major Howard Webber from THQ and was based on Leviticus 6:8-13. As part of his message he talked about the difficulty in keeping a fire burning. This certainly spoke volumes to Chris and I, who have coal-fired central heating here at home. In fact, I've been thinking about for most of the day today, where I have struggled to and from work through sleet and snow. Having a coal fire is a definite pain to maintain in the morning but I have been encouraged by Chris's running commentary during the day on how she's kept the fire going. Her work today to keep it alight has not only meant I have arrived home to a warm house, but has demonstrated the very message the Major preached from the platform yesterday!

As Christians, we believe that the fire of the Holy Spirit can indwell us and inspire us. However, it needs attention on a regular basis, otherwise if left alone it will go out! Without care and attention the fire within us will slowly die, until we are cold and useless. Properly maintained, a small spark can be fanned into a flame, which can keep us warm and effective - and can even be used to light other fires!

One last reflection now, from my childhood. Comics fans from the Sixties and Seventies will remember Stan Lee's acronym for those fans who recruited another to Marvel Comics fandom. Stan The Man gave us the right to add the initials KOF to our name - for 'Keeper Of The Flame'. It's thirty years later, and I find I'm still keeping the flame. And I am encouraging my family and friends to do so, too.

Psalm 18:28 (NIV)
"You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light."

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