20 October 2008

Talking Rubbish

Another source of 'wisdom' (in the broadest sense of the word) can be found most days on the radio. I really appreciate my 'wireless', and make frequent use of the FM radio that's built into my 'phone - it's one of my most precious lifelines when I'm far from home.
I'm not such a fan of DJs (with some notable exceptions), so don't listen to the music stations very much. No, it's talk radio for me. I listen to the phone-ins on local radio, some of the current affairs shows, the occasional documentary. Yes, some of the folk who ring up can talk such rubbish - but I like to hear other people's points of view - I suppose it helps me to form opinions of my own. And of course having a basic grounding in news and current affairs - and what other people are saying about it - helps me relate to others.
But ask me what's the latest craze in music and I doubt if I'll have a clue!

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