13 July 2008

Rose-Coloured Glasses

A good friend sent me on a different train of thought today, on the subject of looking through life with Rose-Coloured Glasses. I have within my own circle of friends a determined pessimist, dead certain that everything will go wrong for him in all aspects of his life; and a dyed-in-the-wool optimist, looking through life with rose-coloured glasses at everything she sees. And here's me, in the middle, dearly in love with them both and trying to make some sense out of both of their lives to one extent or another.
I think I'll be reading up about optimism and pessimism this week. I've just done a quick search on the net and have just come up with a quotation from a fellow Christian Al Mohler who once said that "optimism is naive, but pessimism is atheistic."


Andrew Bale said...

Colin... I'll just say one thing as I don't want to be guilty of drowning out the still small voice :-)

"Faith is the evidence of things now not seen" (Hebrews 11:1)

That sounds fairly optimistic to me!

Nil desperandum brother!

Your loving CO :-)

Colin M said...

I can only add to that ...

SASB, chorus 118