20 July 2008

Duty Calls ...

I've just spent a very full day in one of the best ways I know. Having spent the morning at the Army, participating in meetings where both my daughter and my son furthered their commitment to the Lord (becoming a Junior Solder and Junior Musician respectively), we all spent the afternoon in the park, working on the Churches Together stand, handing out leaflets about The Salvation Army as part of the local town show.

And, do you know what? Even in the middle of a crowd, and fulfilling what I feel is my duty to my Saviour, I had times this afternoon when I felt very lonely.

The words of SASB 462 spring to mind this evening as I write this down and try and review my thoughts from today. The chorus of that Song confirms that 'By The Pathway Of Duty Flows The River Of God's Grace'. Yes, the workers can be few, but there are indeed reinforcements coming along to help us... the way we tread can be very lonely, even for those who have been on it for a while, but God's grace is sufficient for us. In fact, the CO's sermon today was on the subject of Grace, which I think will be the topic I'll need to read up on this week.

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