2 July 2008

In The Beginning...

Having been encouraged by friends to dip my toe in the water and to blog something, 'In The Beginning' seems a good place to start. Mainly because of a recent meeting with a bloke the other day (while I was out selling the War Cry in a local pub) who had such a peculiar spin on the Creation story...

You see, he said he had a problem with who and what I stood for because he couldn't get to grips with the Christian creation story. In particular, that part of the story where Adam ripped out his own rib, planted it in the ground, and waited until Eve grew up from the ground.

Having re-read Genesis chapter 2 on my return home that evening, I fail to understand how he could possibly interpret that from what was written. Guess he'd never actually read it at all.

Remember the white mice in the Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy? Having been unable to work out The Ultimate Question Of Life, The Universe And Everything - they decided just to make it up. And I guess there are plenty of folk who will just make up their own beliefs when the truth is too difficult/ scary for them to swallow.


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