7 July 2008

Could You Save The World?

I finally caught up with the final episode of the latest season of Doctor Who last night, thanks to the repeat on BBC Three. A roller-coaster of an episode, featuring many previous companions from earlier shows and series, no doubt to emphasise the loneliness of the Time Lord at the very end of the episode.
I've never previously been a fan of Catherine Tate's character throughout the latest season, however Donna has given me something to say today. In the show Donna has always been drawn to the adventure, to travelling with The Doctor, but throughout this there's been some small part that has refused to embrace her full potential, happy to be the secretary but clearly displaying talents that far exceed that humble ambition. Throughout the series, the character has been told that she is special, and this culminates in her final destiny - a sacrificial one that in fact saves the entire world.
How many others do we know who fail to see their own potential, and therefore miss out on what God has in store for them. Could you be called to save the world, to be a hero? Perhaps.

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