12 July 2008

Drowning Out The Noise

I am often given advice by other people. Family, friends, work colleagues, fellow Salvationists, even people in the street. Most of this information is contradictory in one way or another. They tell me how I should live my life; how I should spend my money; how I should spend my free time; what I should wear; what I should eat. It's a wonder that I can do anything; sounds to me like I can't live my own life at all.

Let's give you one example from the last two weeks, mentioning no names. As I have blogged before, I recently had to consider buying a new car. Then the helpful advice started. Work colleagues assured me that I could not live without owning a vehicle; fellow Christians argued that I should consider whether I need one at all; friends said they were sympathetic but kept their distance - one admitted they felt guilty because of the way my old car was wrecked (were they involved?); family members were desperate to buy me a vehicle there and then, saying 'you can pay me back when the cheque comes through'.

With a few notable exceptions, all were keen to tell me what I should do but no-one seemed interested in my own point of view. Except God. He listens to me and then gently guides me through His word. It's hard, however, to hear His still, small voice above the cacophony of other 'helpful' voices. If I am ever quiet, it's usually because I'm straining to hear His whispered voice above the crowd.

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Anna said...

As I gave you the "5 a smile" list this morning, i forgot to put down to think about the 5 situations where people really cared about what you told them, where they tried to be helpful (I say tried, as in maybe they failed, but they did try). Remember, for today it will be 6!