5 July 2008

Praise Him!

Wow! I've just arrived home from this year's Commissioning celebration, held this year at Westminster Central Hall. Such a lot happened! I could tell you about the message from Commissioner Elizabeth Matear which really hit home to me; I could talk about the conversation I had with a couple of newly-commissioned Lieutenants which showed me such a vision for my own future. I could even tell you how low I felt on the way home, coming down with a bit of a bump to an empty house (my missus and my two children are off away at camp this weekend).
But what really dragged me to the PC was the opening song. The ISB struck up with 'Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven' - which meant a few hundred folk sang along with me the very words I chose to include at the top of this blog when I started it on Wednesday.
God is good.

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