2 May 2012

Wet vs Dry

On one hand, we have the press confirming that April 2012 was the 'wettest since records began'; then, the same newspaper talks about hosepipe bans because of drought. The headline in today's Metro states "Sorry, but it's still not wet enough"!

How confusing is that to the 'man in the street'? An interesting discussion on this very subject before Singers' practice yesterday prompted further research from me.

Thames Water have been encouraging us to put the whole thing into perspective. "One wet month, versus two dry years", their campaign states. Richard Aylard from Thames Water explains: "The recent rain is a temporary and welcome boost for the environment and wildlife, not a long-term fix for water supply... It is likely that the current temporary use ban will need to remain in place for the rest of the year." Parched riverbeds and empty wells take a long time to recover...

It's true, isn't it, that it's often difficult for us to consider the bigger picture. We have trouble grasping concepts that span years, decades, eons... A week is often a long time!

Lord, help us to look at things in the right perspective. And not only in this context...

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