11 May 2012

Day Five: Finishing Below The Line

It's the last day of the challenge and to celebrate there was eggy bread for breakfast!

Another particularly busy day, including a business meeting that took up most of the latter half of the morning. Got invited out to lunch and had to decline the offer - a good opportunity to tell others about Living Below The Line, however there were no offers to sponsor me. So, having seen my colleagues out of the door, it was back to my desk for my soup.

At least this week had been a glimpse of what it means to Live Below the Line. However, it's not a choice for some people - it's unfortunately the life they have to live.

It's not too late to sponsor me if you want to: any money raised by me in this challenge goes to support The Salvation Army International Development (UK)'s vital work in fighting poverty.
Just go to the link here.

In the meantime, it's one last meal of rice and mixed veg tonight!

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