7 May 2012

Day One: Living Below The Line

I've been meaning to fundraise for this ever since I saw information about Living Below The Line at ROOTS a year or two ago. It's apt then that the first day for this year's campaign is on the May Bank Holiday - it was this time last year that I was at ROOTS with the family!

As it's was a Public Holiday today in the UK, I didn't do all the usual things I would normally do (which helped) but I particularly missed my morning cup of coffee. I resolved to remember to keep my fluid intake up, so today I have drinking more water than usual.

Spent today at Chislehurst Caves with some good friends. Didn't succumb to temptation when passing the sweets counter - although their offer of Nachos in their cafe hit me a little hard today!

Thanks to all those who have encouraged me; particular thanks to those who have sponsored me! For further info, follow the link here.

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