29 January 2015

Change, My Dear. And It Seems Not A Moment Too Soon

A podcast that I've been listening to recently reminded me of the need to expand the boundaries of my own particular Comfort Zone. It's essential to keep pushing yourself to new things if you want to grow. And I do.

However, the host warned me of the dangers of trying to make too many changes, too quickly. You still need to have a different degree of comfort left to retreat into when the day is over. That little place of calm. Changing too many things, say, in your work and in your personal life at the same time, could be problematic - too much, too soon.

Having said all that, here's a question that I've been left with to mull over:
  • Should I change my inner passion to align with my circumstances?
  • Or should I, perhaps, change my circumstances to align with my inner passion?
I know what I think. But dare I make that change? It will impact on everything! Will that be too drastic a change?

(picture: 'Change, My Dear' by Leda74. One for the Doctor Who fans! This blog entry's title comes from the first few lines spoken by the Sixth Doctor - "The Caves of Androzani", 1984. )

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

The need for a 'change' in my life has been heavily on my mind since before Christmas.

I agree that that 'change' is necessary. However, I lack the chutzpah etc to start and continue.

All I can do is to re-affirm the need for that 'change'.

Good Wishes,

The Artful Dodger