13 January 2015

Caring In A Hurting World

There are so many hurting people out there. So many. I simply can't help them all.

Many don't even try. In fact, many choose not to see them. It's as if these are invisible. Individuals that many simply ignore when they walk down the street.

But I try and think differently. I've come to the conclusion that I can do something. So, I do.

And so, as I come across people, people that I think I can develop a rapport with, I do something brave.

I let down my defences. The defences I use to stop myself getting hurt.

It's starts with something as simple as exchanging a name. It's not so easy - it takes a while to build up enough trust to give something as personal as a name. Not easy for me - so I can imagine that it's not easy for them!

Because these aren't the dossers, the low-lifes, the asylum seekers that the popular press keep going on about.

They are Bill, or Sindy, or Frank. It becomes personal.

And as you get to know them well, you realise that they are hurt because of a combination of circumstances. Simply put, because of things that have happened to them.

Just as we are. Often, in the same way.

Hurt by their family
Hurt by their so-called friends.
Hurt by society.

They are really hurting.

The trouble is, this, in turn, starts to hurt me. As I get to know these guys as people, it's increasingly harder not to feel for them. And this starts driving me to do more.

Because I care. And want to care for them.

Professional detachment? Sorry, it's not so easy.

Mark 1:41 (The Message)
Deeply moved, Jesus put out his hand, touched him, and said, "I want to. Be clean."

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