27 January 2015

Deep In My Fortress

I haven't felt very well this week.

Guess that I've just been giving out just that little bit too much. Perhaps I have ended up giving more that I was physically able to. And, as a result, I ended up physically and emotionally drained. A bit of a mess.

Was saying no a viable option? I can't tell at the moment. Perhaps I'm a bit too close to the problem. One to reflect on. Now is the time to recuperate.

I slept. I watched 'Man Of Steel' and the Christopher Reeve 'Superman' movies back-to-back, from the depths of my own particular Fortress Of Solitude. I sought wise counsel from my Lord, who reminded me that He loved me, whether I went the extra mile or not. And that He appreciated me trying.

Tomorrow is another day. I will return, and try again.

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