1 June 2009


Just had another email asking me some more questions, this time based on the number three. Once again, it suggested that I should spam all my friends with my answers. Thought I would blog my responses, see whether this would inspire me. Or you!

Three Names I go by: Sergeant-Major, Dad, Bagheera
Three Jobs I Have Had In My Life: Insurance Underwriter, Care Co-ordinator, Project Administrator
Three Places I Have Been: Corfu,
Cardiff, Crayford
Three Favourite Foods: Chinese, Fish and Chips, Cheese
Three Things I Am Looking Forward To: Answered Prayer, the SAFE Music School, Christmas
Three of my everyday essentials: My Bible, my mobile phone, my trousers

An interesting website on threes: http://threes.com

1 comment:

Andrew Bale said...

I'm glad you included your trousers!