21 June 2009

Fancy A McJob?

Something that was said after the morning meeting at the Army has got me thinking... this time about the state of the UK employment market. I am reliably informed that that the current jobs market is such that most adverts in the paper generate about 100+ applications for each vacancy. Well, I was informed this morning by a fellow Salvationist that McDonald's recently announced that it receives 2,200 crew applications per day, and of that number hires 140.
I was intrigued, so I checked it out on the Internet when I got home and found this article in confirmation on the Daily Mail website. This speaks volumes about the current position in the UK jobs market at present:
In the meantime, a report in this week's popular press revealed that McDonald’s are apparently serving 25 million extra meals this year. They served 470M orders since January - up from 445M in the same period of 2008. An increase in drive-through sales is up by 12%. Domino’s Pizza also reported a 25% increase in profits and KFC is also reporting strong growth.

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Andrew Bale said...

It is an odd truth that when recession hits, people spend the little money they have on things they don't need like take-a-ways!

It might not be the one you want but at least you have a job :-)

Grace and peace, A :-)