10 December 2008

Saved To Save

I am a regular reader of the Armybarmy blog (see link to the right hand side) and am often particularly challenged by some of the entries there. Today's comments included a reference to a book entitled "My Business Here Below: Shared thoughts on Soul Winning" by Brigadier Bramwell Darbyshire. The following incident is recorded there...

General William Booth expected his soldiers to be soul winners. On one occasion one Salvationist mentioned to him that the Ss on the collars (now the lapels) of every soldier meant that soldier was "saved to serve". It's a phrase I've heard before.

The Founder was reportedly 'very cross' when he heard this - for William they meant "saved to save".

I hope those soldiers who read this and wear their uniform proudly never forget that. There is a constant reminder that as soldiers we are indeed saved to save.

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