25 December 2008

A Magic Christmas

You don't have to go far on the internet to find a variety of views on any subject under the sun. One example - a most timely one today - is the birth of Jesus. If you Google 'nativity' you soon get various references expressing incredulity on the 'supernatural' elements of the tale, which is all too familiar to many of us. In recent weeks I have been reminded that the whole account has supernatural elements throughout - multiple appearances of angels, guidance through dreams, guiding stars. And that's without mention of the prophecy written hundreds of years beforehand his birth by the prophet Isaiah.

Personally, I don't have an issue with the supernatural parts of the account. My God is beyond all natural laws (it's in the job description!)and is therefore capable of everything mentioned. However, there are people around who do have a problem with this, I can see that.

So to those people, I say - just re-read the story once again. There's two separate versions in Matthew and Luke's gospels. And forget what you have learned in the past - read it for what it is. A government census that forced people to travel miles to register themselves. The tale of a mother who had to have her baby in less than perfect circumstances. A group of scared shepherds on the hillside. Latch on the basic, human story. And then, perhaps, things will come clearer.

I hope you have a truly magic Christmas this year.

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