29 November 2008

Get Me Out Of Here!

I don't know about you, but I've been interested in following the (edited) antics of the celebrities in the Australian outback this year. Well, to tell you the truth I've not been following it that closely, but I'm still mildly interested, y'know.

Usually when you start watching these sort of shows you get a fair idea in your mind what an individual is like from their public image - an image which of course is projected by their own agent or publicist. It's only when they're in an environment like this and the pressure starts getting applied that formerly hidden character traits stand revealed. Yes, I am aware some of the material that is seen on TV is often 'edited' to emphasise unrest or outrageous behaviour - this is after all what passes for entertainment nowadays. However, in some cases, some stars can really 'shine'.

It's funny that - it's only when you're really tested, when all the image and sham is stripped away, that the true character is finally revealed.

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