3 August 2008

C is for Captain Scarlet

'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons' was created by Century 21 Productions (Gerry Anderson, John Read, Reg Hill and Sylvia Anderson) between 1967 and 1968, and followed on from the international success of Thunderbirds in 1964-66. Although essentially shot in Supermarionation (a puppet series), this show gives us more than we bargained for. Think about it - we have a classic tale of good versus evil, the 'white hats' versus the 'black hats'. The good guys were known as Spectrum - made up from people of all nationalities and colours. Their leader was Colonel White. The person in charge of the enemy forces was Captain Black, a Spectrum agent that had 'fallen from grace' and now led the fight against Spectrum. The main character in the show was a man who had essentially conquered death and could not be killed, and his colour was Scarlet (the colour of blood). And to cap it all, Spectrum had their base in the heavens, protected by their own air force, known as 'Angels'.

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