14 February 2016

Feeling Fine

It's the end of a particularly busy weekend for me.

I think I coped pretty well. Despite the fact that I lost a whole night's sleep on Friday (I was helping out at the Cold Weather Shelter again).

I kept going on Saturday, just to see if I could, and patted myself on the back at how well I was doing. I took a brief nap during Saturday lunchtime (just under 4 hours) and that kept me running until Saturday night, when I slept soundly through to Sunday. Bit tough getting up for church, but there you go.

But it's now Sunday night, and I'm starting to really notice the effects of those missing hours of shut-eye.

I'm definitely ratty. Feelings are all over the place tonight. My mind is really having trouble coping, buzzing away, trying to make sense of every nugget of wisdom, filing every comment and aside that I picked up today. I'm happy, sad, and angry, all at the same time. So sensitive (and I'm a sensitive type anyway)... and trying to record how I feel in this blog, too :)

One scientific explanation is that the emotional centre of my brain (the amygdala) has got hypersensitive due to sleep deprivation, which is why I'm taking in far too much stimuli, and my higher brain functions can't cope and filter.

So - I'm an emotional wreck. And that's why I find it difficult to cope. Behaving less like a grown-up and more like a teenager. Probably because teens get insufficient sleep, too.

I'm fine. But I'm just a bit tired.

I'm off to bed now.

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