2 February 2016

A Place To Belong

I hear quite a lot of talk about the difference between wants and needs.

There's a whole lot of things that we might want to make our lives easier, or even bearable...

... however, you may not need them. 

Take the topic of belonging

In my opinion, this is a definite human need. Like the need for food, or shelter.

Everyone has a need to belong. This might be thought of in terms of being a part of brotherhood/ sisterhood, or in terms of friendship, or even love. A sense of connection with your peers.

Lose that feeling of belonging and the world can be an extremely lonely place. In some cases, even physically painful. Your body aches for connection.

Exclude someone from a group, and well-being takes a serious knock. There is pain and conflict.

More later, as I continue to work this out in my own head....

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