3 October 2014

Let's test that...

Somebody on a forum that I subscribe to asked this question this week:

"Do you tend to 'test' others? If so, in what way?"

Boy, that got me thinking. Do I need that sort of reassurance that things are going well? If I answer yes, does that mean I am insecure? And what happens if they pass or fail?

So I did a little social experiment. Well, in fact, three small ones... there were three jobs that needed to be done by Saturday. Nothing life-threatening, nothing that vital. Three tasks that I didn't have to do myself, but that I usually end up doing. I simply didn't do them. Well, not until I was asked.

I didn't run round after my peers. Instead, I simply waited for these folk to contact me. Let's see if they come back to me! Just to see what would happen...

The result. 33%

Example 1: One person (and I must admit he's terribly well organised!) emailed me just to check that I was still OK with doing the job - and wondered how I was (because I hadn't contacted him!).

Example 2: Apologies, I bottled out, and eventually rang him up at 6pm. He's coming around at 9.30pm tonight. He needs what I have by 10pm tonight.

Example 3: I'm still waiting!!! The job never got done.

Interesting, eh?

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Anonymous said...


Sometimes it's ok to say 'No, I can't/won't do that.'

Stewarding our time is as important as stewarding our gifts; and we all need some 'Me' time.


The Artful Dodger.