23 September 2014


I guess I am a transumer - at least, so I am told by an email I received the other day.

Apparently, it's a term used about people who commute or travel around a lot. In essence, we are "transit consumers" and therefore we're more likely to use retail outlets at railway stations or airports. The word was first coined by Fitch, the US design and business consultancy, a decade or so ago — it’s not really in common use by the general public.

I kind of like the word. However, I don't go a bundle on the world it describes. A strange world of tired and frustrated commuters, who are always in a hurry and therefore don't have the time to shop around; desperate to purchase a bite to eat as they travel because they skipped lunch; eager to buy a magazine or book to occupy their time on the train; determined to buy that last-minute present so that they have something to take home. The retailers respond by providing few choices and overpriced products to what is essentially a captive market.

It's sad.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

For as long as 'The Market' rules and we have an enconomy based on capital, it will ever be thus.

Oh for an economy where people come before profits and value before cost.


The Artful Dodger.