27 September 2014

Jeux Sans Frontières

Back in the Sixties and Seventies, I used to regularly watch "Jeux Sans Frontières", a European-wide television game show, where teams from a number of countries (usually dressed in outlandish costumes) competed against one another in a variety of bizarre games. In the UK the show was also known as It's a Knockout, the title of the BBC's domestic version.

The French title was the inspiration for Peter Gabriel's 'Games Without Frontiers' (1980), which featured the lovely Kate Bush on backing vocals. The song was a study of some of the silly behaviour we can see in adults. Immaturity, petty-mindedness.

On to the subject at hand. You know, I believe I can identify with what Peter was getting at in this song. I get more than a little concerned about some people's behaviour. They spend their time moaning and groaning about things that happen in their lives, but can't seem to get past this, to rise above it, even though I truly believe that they can. They choose to moan rather than actually do something about it.

And I also have a number of other friends who are genuinely trapped in their own circumstances, who would love things to be different and to be able to take action but simply cannot move. These are the folks who need to be empowered.

How can I help them both? By seeking to make a difference in their lives. And that's a whole different game. And I truly believe that's the sort of game God wants me to play!

A game without frontiers.

And it's possible! I've heard a lot lately about embracing life in all its fullness, living beyond the limits, beyond any self-imposed 'frontiers'. Its about recognising God's hand at work in this world. And of being a part of His work, wherever you are.

This sort of game can be played anywhere you like - in the workplace, the school, the home. Although it could be extremely costly...

Does that sound crazy to you? A bit bizarre?

Good. I must be on the right lines...

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