13 May 2014

Shouty People

I have a real problem with "increased volume for emphasis". It's so prevalent in the city, where there's so much competition for business. You often hear people raising their voices to sell their own position, drowning you and any other opposition out. In the Square Mile, sales pitches at raised volume are common, in offices, on the street corners, standing outside the pubs.

The BBC programme 'Horrible Histories' refers to people like that as 'shouty people'. In the show, the 'shouty man' is the stereotypical advertising bloke who tries to sell you a range of quite awful products...

I don't respond well to 'shouty people'. I'd far rather listen calmly to persuasive detail than to aggressive personality. Try the hard sell on me at high volume and you've lost me straight away. Even if your product is the best thing since sliced bread...

And whilst we are on the subject, I also don't respond well to being shouted at. It's disconcerting, and possibly a waste of energy on your part - it'll make me think twice about whatever point you are trying to make to me.

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