16 January 2014

Sturm und Drang

"Shing-a-ling, What a creepy thing to be happening!
(Look out, look out, look out, look out!)
Shang-a-lang, Feel the sturm und drang in the air.
(Yeah, yeah, yeah.)
Sha-la-la, Stop right where you are, don't you move a thing."

(lyrics, "Little Shop of Horrors")

Can you feel it? That strange, uneasy sense that you get when you know that you're on the cusp of some major changes - some of them will upset the apple cart big time... I know it's coming. It's just around the corner now. Just got to hold on tight to something firm. Hang on!

"I love you, Lord, You are my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my Saviour. My God is my rock in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me and my place of safety. I called on the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and He saved me from my enemies." Psalm 18:1-3 (NLT)

("Sturm und Drang" is a German phrase, sometimes translated as "Storm and Stress". It refers to extremes of emotional turmoil, upheaval and unrest described in literary works.)

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