10 January 2014

Choose Your Words Carefully

Have you noticed an increase in the use of bad language in popular culture? This was very obvious to me a few nights ago.
One blog entry I read the other day had over thirty uses of the F-word in just one small article. A podcast I listened to on the same day contained over a dozen profanities.
Now I am not usually sensitive to this sort of thing, but the constant repetition of a certain four-letter word eventually got to me.  Enough is enough. Time to sound off on my blog.
I don't use bad language as a rule. That's a conscious choice on my part. There's plenty of other words that could be used to emphasise the strength of your feelings without resorting to the sort of commonplace coarseness that seems to be rife in our society nowadays. A sign of a limited vocabulary, perhaps?
Bad language is increasingly used for 'effect' in TV and film drama. Curious - because the more such words are aired, the more everyday they become, thus, the less effect they have! Do I really want to hear sexual terms in everyday use - no.
There's a time and a place for bad language. Hit your thumb with a hammer? Understandable, so I'll let you off.  Use the same words in everyday conversation across the office or in a family setting? Then expect a word or two from me. Nice ones - but strong nevertheless.

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