14 January 2014

Acceptable Behaviour

The bus pulled in and we all got on. But we didn't get very far. Another passenger, clearly the worse for drink, decided to take the time to have a major row with the driver, forcing him to eject the unsavoury gent from the bus. All the other passengers could do, self included, was to sit and watch the drama unfold.
A tirade of abuse and colourful metaphors rained down upon the poor driver, while the passengers waited for the inevitable conclusion. Would we ever get home? Thankfully, only a ten-minute delay.
Train service providers aren't immune from this sort of thing. I sometimes get text messages telling me that trains have been delayed due to 'disruptive passengers'.
Complaining is one thing, however it would appear that the practice of simply yelling abuse at public servants is now tolerated. Not by me, it isn't. When did this sort of thing become acceptable?
It would appear that the UK courts  agree: they are starting to introduce something called an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC);  this is an intervention order made against individuals who are perceived to be engaging in anti-social behaviour.
Proof, I think, that some members of society need to get back to basics and learn their ABCs all over again.

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