30 July 2013

The Seventh Doctor

Sylvester McCoy became the Seventh Doctor in 1987, taking over from Colin Baker who had by then been rather curtly dismissed from the role. Colin declined the invitation to appear in the show for the handover, so McCoy wore a curly blond wig during the brief regeneration scene. 

McCoy's Doctor is initially portrayed as a comical, even thoughtful character - he uses the actor's natural  Scottish accent to good effect. Later in his run this persona is revealed to be rather  secretive and even manipulative. Towards the end we even start to explore the profound question of who the Doctor actually is...

Sylvester played the role until the show's regular run was discontinued in 1989. He played the Doctor in the 1993 charity special 'Dimensions in Time', and again in 1996 for the TV movie. McCoy is thus acknowledged as the actor who, in a way, played the Doctor for a longer period of time than any other.

The Seventh Doctor's last appearance was at the start of the TV movie where he was replaced by the Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann ...

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