13 July 2013

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

It's the media news story that grabbed my interest the most this week! Fox are talking about developing a small screen version of 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen'.

I must admit that I'm rather drawn to the whole concept. Alan Moore's original graphic novel series from 1999 brought together all the literary greats of 19th Century Science Fiction and brought them together as a 'super team'. The series was deftly illustrated by Kevin O'Neill. An alternate 'steampunk' London featuring my favourite literary heroes in the style of the Justice League, or the Avengers? Terrific. I own a DVD copy of the film adaptation which was released in 2003, although reportedly Moore was less than pleased with it - there were some major changes insisted on by Hollywood (sigh!).

Fox has apparently confirmed that a pilot episode is to be shot and will air, with Michael Green in the chair as writer and executive producer. A series will follow if all goes well. Unfortunately - and this is a big drawback - I understand neither Moore nor O'Neill are set to be involved with the series.

Does that mean further changes to the concept? I hope not.

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