3 July 2013

Pull Yourself Together

I dislike that phrase. When things are going awfully wrong; when my mind is not in the best of places; when I am trying to keep my head while all around me are losing theirs; amidst the chaos and mayhem some kind soul comes out with this particular piece of advice. "Pull Yourself Together".

As if I could, suddenly, just do that. Reach into myself and give my psyche a quick shake. Or perhaps I could select Cntl-Alt-Del on my life; reboot the day.

No, I'm afraid that it's not that easy. I wish it were - don't you think I wouldn't want a quick fix? Repairing the effects of a bad day takes time... a few minutes, a few hours.

I need to reflect, to analyse, to digest, to refocus, to pray. Often it's just some time on my own. And I know that's the way others used to do it...

"When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place."Matthew 14:13

1 comment:

Just Be Real said...

Colin, I too do not like that phrase. Solitude is something I know all too well. Getting like Jesus was is my goal. Not to isolate. Blessings.