1 August 2010

A is for Adam Ant

"Have you ever had a ride in a light blue car?
Have you ever stopped to think
Who's the slave and who's the master?"

I'm sure I'm not alone when I acknowledge the influence of music in my life during my teens and twenties. My musical tastes have always been rather eclectic, including the music from a young art student called Stuart Goddard.

The rise in popularity of Adam and the Ants has been well documented, from their transition from a late Seventies punk band to a group of post-punk chart-toppers in the early Eighties. Their style was original with a distinctive double-drum sound, combined with the use of flamboyant styles from history in advertising and promotional videos. It caught my attention as the sound was so different from other music at that time. The fact that a lot of young ladies followed the group at the time was also an important factor!

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