22 July 2010

Road Of High Adventure

There’s a road of high adventure,
There’s a Kingdom fair to gain,
There’s a cross to follow bravely,
And a warfare to maintain.
For the splendour of his service
To the youth of every land,
God’s own trumpeters are sounding;
Who will heed the great command?

By the pathway of duty
Flows the river of God’s grace;
By the pathway of duty
Flows the river of God’s grace.
SASB 868, verse one and chorus
(Will J. Brand - verse, Sidney Edward Cox - chorus)

Have you ever had a word that won't go away, that follows you around everywhere you go? I can't explain it, but I know it happens. Some call it coincidence. I know what I would call it. And I've experienced it again this week.

There's a great deal of change happening this week. My children are excited because school is ending, summer has arrived. There's changes in leadership at our Corps, with Graeme and Zoe taking over the reins of our fellowship. The most acute anticipation for me is the planning for the SAFE Music and Drama School next week, because I know God has something quite phenomenal to do with me and for me during that week. The signs are there, they are so evident to me the nearer I get to Saturday... it's awesome!

The word that keeps coming back to me is the word 'adventure'. The word was especially mentioned in the United Churches prayer meeting last night, when we were challenged as to whether we wanted to stay in our comfort zones, or to really step out in faith, to go on an adventure with God. The words were also mentioned in Graeme's most recent blog entry, as he moves out of the Training College into the Corps quarters today. I'm really eager now to embrace what God has in store for me!

An adventure is described as an activity that is perceived to involve risk, dangerous or exciting experiences. Those who know me well will know how much I'm up for this. I'll give this further prayerful consideration as we head into August. I'll be blogging my usual A-Z over the summer break, however I promise you a full report about the excitement after the summer.

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