6 June 2010

The Water Of Life

The well is deep and I require
A draught of the water of life,
But none can quench my soul's desire
For a draught of the water of life;
Till one draws near who the cry will heed,
Helper of men in their time of need,
And I, believing, find indeed
That Christ is the water of life.
SASB 351, chorus (Albert Orsborn)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of the words to this beautiful song!

Every blessing

Anonymous said...

Just found you via fb - thanks for the reminder of these words

Anonymous said...

my son found this song in new zealand and i love it! can you tell me the origin of it, or the artist?

Colin Machan said...

Albert Orsborn was a former General of The Salvation Army (1886-1967). He served in a number of countries (including New Zealand in the 1930s) and as General from 1946-1951.
The song, first line "Life is a journey; long is the road" was first published in 1947 as part of a collection of his songs and poems. It is part of the current Salvation Army Song Book and therefore sung as part of SA worship throughout the world.