9 May 2010


We've heard a lot this week about choices. The general election has dominated the news, encouraging us to exercise our democratic rights, and yet the individual choices that each of us has made has led us this country into a situation where further choices need to be made by political leaders in order for parliament to function. I'm sure there's plenty more that needs to be discussed before the final choice can be made!

The CO's message at the Hall today also touched on choices... each of us make decisions of what we will do each day - how much or how little we will do for God. Some decide to give Him their all.

In my own life I regularly encounter choices each day. Some will agree with the choices I make; they may sometimes take me to task for what I do, how much I do. I understand their concerns, I'm still trying to make the right choice. My recent studies on Martha and Mary reveal that each of them made a choice on that day, recorded for posterity in scripture. Both pastimes undertaken were worthwhile - who is to say which choice is the best?

More later...

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