5 April 2009

Twenty Questions

  1. Early bird or Night owl? Early bird
  2. Quiet Night In or Wild Night Out? Quiet Night In
  3. Cinema or Theatre? Either
  4. Pub or Wine bar? Neither
  5. Optimist or Pessimist? Optimist
  6. Sweet or Savoury? Tough call, probably Savoury
  7. Blackberry or paper diary? Neither at the moment, most of my dates are kept in Yahoo
  8. Facebook or MySpace? Facebook
  9. CD's or vinyl? Prefer MP3's
  10. Tea or coffee? Coffee
  11. Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla
  12. Cats or Dogs? Cats
  13. Scary Movie or Comedy? Comedy
  14. Sunset or Sunrise? Sunrise
  15. Shower or Bath? Bath
  16. Train or Plane? Train
  17. Summer or Winter? Summer
  18. Talking or Texting? Talking
  19. Bright Room or Dark Room? Not too bright - 'mood lighting'
  20. Monopoly or Scrabble? Scrabble

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