24 February 2018

Keeping A Balance

I was sitting on the sofa, in the midst of doing some reading, when the question clearly came to me. And the question came right out of the blue, and it wasn't related to what I was reading:

Would you do things differently if your circumstances changed?

It stopped me right in my tracks. But in a good way.

I was eager to find out where this was leading me - I had been seeking an answer to a particular dilemma and it had been a regular topic in my prayer life for quite a while. And here was an indication that I was now getting an answer - well, actually, a clarifying question - and as a result I had to give serious consideration to my work/life balance which was getting very ... messy.

It was becoming increasingly clear to me that I was getting the balance wrong. But what could I do to get the balance right? What could I change?

I was praying about it. And then, came the question...

The answer to the question.


So, what's next?

Lord, I know you didn’t intend for me to live a life dictated by work. Help me to recognise the ways I can find joy, rest and play in my hectic life. Help me be refreshed. And help me to recognise ways of changing my circumstances. Your ways. Amen.

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