31 October 2015


These are the TV series that I watched during last month and this month to get me through a few weeks of frantic activity, followed by spates of inactivity which triggered off a few 'lows' whenever I stopped to take a break. In some cases, I must admit that I tended to binge-watch shows to get me through! I recommend this method of 'self-medication' over large quantities of intoxicants (which is how some people of my age seem to self-medicate). And it's cheaper, too!
  • Blake's Seven, season one (YouTube)
  • Dave Gorman's Modern Life Is Goodish (Dave)
  • Doctor Who (BBC, Watch, Horror)
  • Flash, season one (DVD)
  • Flash, season two (Sky One)
  • Humans, season one (DVD)
  • Hunted (Channel Four)
  • Star Trek (CBS Action)
  • The Prisoner (DVD)
  • The A-Team, season one (DVD)

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