8 July 2015

Less Is More

It wasn't quite right. And I knew it.

I wasn't actually sad - it was more like a kind of lingering, persistent melancholy. The world was no longer painted in glorious Technicolor, it was simply so many shades of grey. Even when things were going really well, there was something not quite right with the world.

Something was missing.

I tried to join in with other people's versions of 'a good night out' - they wanted to 'cheer me up'. However, it didn't satisfy me, the evening was 'empty'. I'd far sooner had a good chat in a corner of a room than go out clubbing all night!

I was trying far too hard. Trying to be somebody that I'm not.

I needed to stop, and take stock. Where am I heading to? What am I actually looking for?

The answer was very simple.

Less. And More.

Less activity, and more meaning.

Fewer friends. More real friendships.

Less phonies. More real people.

Less of what the world offers. More of what Christ offers.

Isaiah 55:2 (CEV)
Why waste your money on what really isn't food?
Why work hard for something that doesn't satisfy?
Listen carefully to me, and you will enjoy the very best foods.

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