5 July 2015

Anger Management - Of Other People

I touched on this topic briefly last week, in the context of the hot weather. For reasons that are a little tricky to explain at the moment, the problem surfaced again on Saturday, giving me another chance to review my personal feelings on the matter. I didn't want to blog about it again - however, I'm gonna have to. I need to process it, get it off my chest. It's eating me up tonight.

It's all about anger. Specifically, other people's anger. It really upsets me! There's been so much of it lately. Sleepless nights due to the hot weather? Early starts and late finishes due to work commitments? Stress due to deadlines? Who knows the whole story...

Have you ever been in a room with a group of people when you know something is about to "kick off"?  I know that all too well. Most unpleasant.

However - if you know one of the people involved... then for me it becomes personal. You start to feel for them. Feel with them.

It escalates predictably. People start getting tense and raising their voices. They keep telling each other (over and over again) what they're going to do,  consolidating their position, neither side backing down.

I just want them to stop. I'm not afraid - because they're not angry at me. They're angry with each other. But it still rattles me, hours or even days afterwards. It's painful to watch, to be there as it unfolds. I've talked about this before, here's the post

And if I know each of them? Care for both of them? A little bit of me dies with each word uttered, with each increase on decibels in the subsequent rant. It just makes me feel ten times worse.

Can we all just get along? (sigh)

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