29 June 2015


I had just sat down from leading the Sunday meeting at the Corps (the officers were away and in such circumstances it was my chance to stand up and do my bit). I was physically and mentally drained after the meeting. I'm told that it is a good sign, and I wasn't surprised at that (it's how I normally feel after a long time 'in the spotlight'), so all I wanted was a cup of coffee and a chance to relax for a moment. I sat back in my chair, made myself as inconspicuous as possible in the corner and looked around at the other folks chatting, drinking coffee, eating cake.
I wasn't quite sure of the sort of reaction that I was expecting from those gathered. I'd preached on what I thought the Lord wanted me to say. I worked hard to engage with the people, spoke from the heart, put my all into it. I had to work hard to combat issues with the technology, a whole host of little niggling problems from the past two days, all things that threatened to disrupt the delivery of my message. However, I won through. I did it anyway.
The only sort of feedback I got came from the one lady whose eyes were shut tight throughout the whole of the Message. I wasn't sure she was even listening, her face was fixed, emotionless. I guess she was taking in every word. She was very positive.
Interesting, eh?

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